Why We’re


Experienced Team

The MMPatient Relief team is led by a group of serial entrepreneurs who have been working for over ten years in the cannabis business (a long time for this young industry).

Quicker Grow Cycles

Will be the first to market LP in Canada that uses the Spinner XP, for quicker grow times and higher quality. Producing six crops a year instead of the standard four.

Progressing through the approval process

We are now in the final stages of review and approval under Health Canada’s MMPR/ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medial Purposes) Regulations. Upon successful completion of the stringent and lengthy review and approval process, we will have joined an exclusive and relatively small group of qualified Licensed Producers spread across Canada. 

State-of-the Art Facility

Our facility is situated in a newly renovated, stand-alone, 7240 sq. ft. building on an existing, specifically zoned, industrial site. Our security measures include perimeter high-security fencing, access control, and the latest in security monitoring and recording technology.

Maximized Production

Through micronutrient analysis, we have maximized our production from four cycles to six cycles per year. We are targeting production of up to 1020kg (1,041,215 grams) per year (vault capacity).

Strategic Location

Our strategic location in Southwestern Ontario provides access to the newly-approved direct-to-consumer market as well as the under-served traditional market.

Quality Assurance

We’ve built a quality control lab where a dedicated, certified, third-party Quality Assurance controller accredited by Health Canada will work on a full-time basis.

Personalized Service

We’re training client services representatives to help our patients obtain information and documentation they need and provide individualized strain recommendations.

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We believe all Canadians should be able to invest in private companies they believe in. Starting very soon, we’ll be opening our company to investment. Join our mailing list to learn more.

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